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The Advantages Of The Lava Cubo Range Over Imports

Fireplaces are complicated. While most of us tend to assume that imported goods are always the best bet when it comes to quality for money – but is that always true? South Africa has a long record of producing some pretty surprising results when it comes to our standards for quality. It may not always seem like it, but South African’s know the difference when it comes to a quality product. It’s important to remember though, that it’s not always that easy to create a high quality product in a market where money isn’t always available.

Anyone can spend a lot on the best possible materials and process when it comes to manufacturing a fireplace. The only issue is that the price still has to be competitive. So while a foreign brand might be able to get it’s price just right for their local market, importing costs can often be quite high. This is where Lava Fires’ Cubo range is a cut above the rest.

Here at Lava Fires, we have spent over 20 years honing our skill, talent and ability to ensure that you get the best possible product for your money. The Cubo range is one of our best closed combustion insert fireplaces and is made from only the best materials. The Cubo has been designed to be stylish, which is important as a fireplace is quite a distinct feature in one’s home. The Cubo range includes 7 individual products. Each product is carefully tailored to suit your specific needs depending on the size of the room.

The Cubo 700 Eco, for instance, can produce a total of 12.5 KW of heat energy and is designed with a simple air-operated convection system that helps to suck colder air in and push out warm air. This means that your room and home are heated quickly and naturally. On the other end of the spectrum, we have the Cubo 1200 series. This is slightly larger than the 700 and can produce a total of 18 KW of heat energy.

Each Cubo comes with two standard options, the Air or the Eco. The Air series utilizes a built-in fan to help speed up the natural convection process whereby heat energy is released into the surrounding room. The Cubo range of fireplaces utilizes only the highest grade stainless steel (304) in it’s internal chamber, and strong mild steel for the surrounding body. The stainless steel ensures that your Cubo is protected against heat damage for longer – which is why we have such an amazing guarantee. The glass front is made from heat proof ceramics and tinted black to give you better protection from any heat damage.

On average, the closest European competitor can only offer something like this, with the same kind of features and materials for around R60,000 and up. As you can imagine, a fireplace like this is quite an important investment in your home, as it will do a lot increase your property value. However, why should you spend all of that money when you can have the same quality product for anywhere from R15,000 to R55,000? We have the perfect selection for your price range. So don’t go and blow your money on some imported goods! Remember that local is lekker – and not only that, but really great value for money! So if you’re looking for European quality at a South African price – then look no further, Lava Fires have the fireplaces that you’re looking for!

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