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What Makes Lavafires Unique?

When it comes to fires and fireplaces, it’s good to know that you’re getting the best possible value for your money. After all, you’re likely…

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Pro’s And Con’s Of Vent-Free Fireplaces

Each home has it’s own feeling, and as a result, each home will require a different type of fireplace. Fireplaces have traditionally always been wood-burning and in…

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Advantages Of Closed Combustion Over Open Fire

The humble open combustion fireplace has been a part of the human dwelling for centuries now and while they may not be a standard feature in most…

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The Advantages Of The Lava Cubo Range Over Imports

Fireplaces are complicated. While most of us tend to assume that imported goods are always the best bet when it comes to quality for money…

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Go Green With Lava Fires

These days, there’s a growing concern about our responsibility to help keep the planet clean and green. As the effects of global warming continue to make themselves…

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Mild Steel Vs. Stainless Steel – What’s The Difference?

Most of us wouldn’t be blamed for not knowing the immediate difference between stainless steel and mild steel off the top of our heads. However, with only a few…

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