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Go Green With Lava Fires

These days, there’s a growing concern about our responsibility to help keep the planet clean and green. As the effects of global warming continue to make themselves more and more apparent everyday, the world has started waking up to the seriousness of the issue. While we may have been able to shrug the idea of ‘global warming‘ off a few years ago, it is no longer an issue that we can simply ignore.

While most of us assume that cars do the most damage to the environment, the truth is that the largest contributing factors to the harmful effects of global warming start in the home. Consider the meat in your fridge (if you’re a meat eater). The majority of the greenhouse gasses that are found in our environment are actually caused by the cattle we rear for consumption. The same applies to many of the appliances in our home. They tend to consume large amounts of energy which in turn contributes to an even larger carbon footprint per kilowatt used.

So as you can see, it’s really somewhat of a vicious cycle that we keep falling into. Here at Lava Fires, we realize that it’s important to keep our environment clean and green. While many might think that using wood gas to heat or cook it might lead to a larger carbon footprint, the truth is that it’s actually a lot less per month than that of a regular wood or gas stove. So, with that in mind, isn’t it more appealing to be able to heat your house with bio mass pellets rather than a wood or gas fireplace ?

We are really adamant about helping you achieve a cleaner, greener lifestyle. If you’ve ever considered the idea of installing a pellet fireplace in your home, now would certainly be the time. It’s cheaper, cleaner and ultimately a much more ”greener” The beauty of Lava Fires is that we design and manufacture fireplaces for either indoor or outdoor use. So now you have the luxury of being able to get warm using pellets. Make your home or patio hot with Lava Fires and start saving cash and the planet today!

Here at Lava Fires, we have a wide range of products to choose from. It’s easy to assume that selecting such an nice product would cost you a lot of money. However, we put ample time and consideration into ensuring that you get the best possible product and quality at the lowest possible price. Lava Fires has some of the best prices in the business and it’s easy to see why we’ve been in business for such a long time. It’s time to join the millions of people using bio mass wood pellets in their homes everyday and be part of the green revolution. We all share the earth at the end of the day, and if we don’t do our part to keep it clean, we won’t necessarily even have the time to regret it. Make the change today and give us a call at Lava Fires, and we’ll have a locally manufactured pellet fireplace in your home in no time! As a bonus Lava also manufactures pellets at very competitive prices.

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