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Advantages Of Closed Combustion Over Open Fire

The humble open combustion fireplace has been a part of the human dwelling for centuries now and while they may not be a standard feature in most homes these days, millions of people every year enjoy settling down in front of the fireplace to snuggle up or keep their homes warm. So, if you’re in the market for a fireplace or have been considering the option of getting one – there are a few things you should consider before doing so.

One of the most recent advances with regards to how the fireplace works is the advent of the closed combustion stove. For many years, the fireplace was traditionally an open area where wood was burned and the smoke was carried up and out through a chimney. While this principle has worked well for a number of years, the issue of fires breaking out, excessive smoke inhalation and the general risk of harm that an open fireplace provides are definitely worth considering before acquiring one.

On the flip side, a closed combustion stove gives the advantage of keeping all the smoke out of your house – therefore reducing the effects of lung damage that too much of it can cause. With a closed combustion stove, all the heat is contained in the stove, which means that any smoke is carried out through a secured flu (if it’s a wood burning stove) keeping you safer for longer.

The added benefit of a closed combustion stove is that it provides better value for money. While they might cost a little extra, you generally tend to save more money on things like heating. This is because our range of closed combustion stoves are designed with a very clever air-intake system. This essentially means that the heat generated from the fire helps to bring in cool air which is then passed through the stove and out through the heating vents on the sides of the stove.

This means that you can heat your home a lot faster with a closed combustion stove and keep it warmer for longer. You can also consider our Cubo and Magma ranges as they’re designed to burn ash down so that cleaning time is reduced, and all of them have the ingenius air heating system in place to allow for greater ambient and radiant heating.

Ultimately, if you still have an old open wood fireplace in your home, it’s worth considering the upgrade to our CuboMagma or Lava series. With these installed, you can rest assured that your home will be kept warmer for longer and that you, your family and your home are all a lot safer as a result. So don’t worry about those insurance premiums – invest in a closed combustion stove today.

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