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Pro’s And Con’s Of Vent-Free Fireplaces

Each home has it’s own feeling, and as a result, each home will require a different type of fireplace. Fireplaces have traditionally always been wood-burning and in most cases, this means that they have a flue or a chimney, to help carry the smoke up and out of the dwelling where the fire is.

While this technique may be preferred by many and is often the standard go to for reliable heat energy in both developed and developing countries, the truth is that a gas (or vent-free) fireplace is much better in a number of ways. The idea of using gas to keep ones house warm in colder climates and weather is one that has been around since man has been able to store and utilize the methane stored in our earth. Gas fireplaces tend to be a lot safer than most traditional wood fires as they’re a lot easier to control, produce no smoke (which means that there’s less chance of smoke inhalation), they’re odorless and they often tend to take up less space.

Over the years, the conventional wood fired stove or fireplace has still managed to retain it’s position as one of the most trusted go to’s for people who need heat energy in their homes and while we still highly recommend them, choosing a gas (or vent-free) fireplace can be more ideal for people looking for a cleaner, safer fireplace. However, there are a few things to consider before opting for a vent-free fireplace. The first is to calculate the cost of using gas to power the fireplace and ensure that it’s in line with your budget. The second is to ensure that all the safety mechanisms that are required to work in one of these fireplaces are operational, as a gas leak could result in some serious dangers.

So, be sure you do some work in understanding how the safety mechanisms for the system work before you decide to have your gas or vent-free fireplace installed. Here at Lavafires, we have a fantastic range of locally made, high quality and very stylish vent-free fireplaces for you to select from. We also have some of the best prices in the country and one of the best guarantee’s out there. So, for a free quote and speedy, effective installation – don’t hesitate! Make your house the home of your dreams with our amazing vent-free fireplaces and start cuddling up in front of the fireplace this winter!

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