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Gravity 8.5kW Wood Pellet Stove

R24 995

Best wood pellet fireplace in South Africa – Gravity 8.5kW.
Designed to heat spaces of up to 80 square meters.


Gravity 8.5kW Wood Pellet Fireplace | Gravity Feed

GRAVITY 8.5kW wood pellet fireplace burns wood pellets as a source of fuel.
A gravity-fed design means the unit operates without an auger. Instead, the pellets fall into the burner grate naturally via gravity.
As the pellets burn inside the fire grate new pellets fall to replace them.
Since there is no auger to control the rate at which pellets fall and burn, the rate of combustion is constant.

Dual-Fan design
The stove is equipped with two types of electric fans located on the underside of the fireplace. Both fans are 220V with a combined output of 30 watts.
Each fan is controlled by an on-off switch located on the side of the unit at the bottom.
Buner fan: blows air into the burner grate and therefore controls the combustion rate to an extent.
The second fan dispurses the heated air into the room through the grill cover located at the front above the door.

Adjusting heat output
Although the fireplace is designed to operate at a constant temperature, you would be able, to an extent,
control the heat output by adjusting the timer setting of the burner fan.
The timer switches the fan on/off every few seconds. The factory setting is 3 seconds on followed by 6 seconds off for optimum performance.
This will give good heat output at moderate pellet consumption.
Should you wish to increase the heat output, you may increase the timer to 5 seconds on followed by 3 seconds off.

Initial ignition & Switching off the unit
Initial ignition is done manually – using ethanol biofuel, lightly spray the wood pellets (that fall into the burner grate) and ignite with a match to start up the fire.
Once ignited the fire will continue to burn as long as there are pellets in the hopper. Once the pellets have run out and the hopper is empty the fire stop and the ignition process must start over again.

Advantages of gravity feed fireplace

  • Includes a fan for better efficiency. (Can be used without fan if there is a power outage)
  • easy operation and user friendly
  • more robust design,  and therefore minimal maintenance.
  • considerably cheaper than automatic feed pellet  fireplaces

Standard unit includes

  • Stainless Steel Baffle and Burn-pot
  • Stainless Grate
  • Heat-resistant ceramic glass door
  • Two independent 220V fans
  • Front panel in Black
  • Side panels options: Charcoal; Pebble ; White ; Burgundy


Technical Data

Overall Dimensions
Width 513mm
Height 990mm
Depth 535mm
Flue Size Outlet 130mm
Heating Capacity 80m2
Consumption 1,8 kg/h – 2.5 kg/h
Weight 125Kg
Output 8.5kW
Efficiency 85%


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