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900 VERTO Built-in Vent-free Gas fireplace | Single sided | Box size – 1100mm wide

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Single-sided 900 VERTO

Vent-free gas fireplace (LPG) – brushed Stainless Steel finish, including white pebble rocks.
Suitable for heating up areas of 25 – 45 m².

Wall opening for the firebox: 1100mm wide

900 VERTO Built-in Vent-free Gas fireplace | Single-sided

The 900 Single-Sided VERTO is a middle-size fireplace.
Popular size within the VERTO range.
Suitable for small to medium living spaces of approximately 25 – 45 m2.
Consists of a stainless steel VERTO box and a separate, loose 900mm vent-free gas grate.

The fireplace is vent-free which means it does not require a chimney, however,
the room must have sufficient cross-air ventilation.

A ventilation grill is included with the fireplace. The ventilation opening should be in the center of the fireplace, approximately 100mm below the fireplace frame.
Ventilation opening is necessary to allow oxygen intake which is critical for the proper performance of the burner.

The standard model comes in a brushed Stainless-Steel finish; A black finish is available on request.
Note that the black finish is a spray paint finish. It is applied as a second operation over the Stainless Steel material (at an additional charge).
Furthermore, we only spray the firebox and the external frame. The recessed gas grate remains in a natural brushed stainless steel.

Fireplace Construction

The unit consists of a VERTO firebox, a rectangular frame, and the actual gas grate.
All the components are made of 430 medium-grade stainless steel.


First step: build the VERTO firebox into either a brick or drywall.
Second step: insert & connect the gas grate. The grate lies recessed at the bottom of the firebox.
Third step:  spread out the vermiculite chips evenly across the grate and place the white rocks on top.
The function of the vermiculite chips is to diffuse the gas evenly along the grate.
NOTE: The unit needs to be installed by a qualified gas installer who must provide a COC (certificate of compliance).

A minimum 9kg LP gas bottle is required although we recommend a larger 48 kg bottle connection.
The gas bottle is not included. It usually forms part of the installation.

Standard unit includes

  • Stainless Steel built in VERTO box
  • Stainless Steel surround frame (fixed with two screws to the main box)
  • Drop-in Stainless Steel gas grate
  • White pebble stone
  • Vermiculite



Refer to the product CAD drawing under the DOWNLOAD tab

Room Heating Capacity To 45㎡
Rated Heat Output (max) 8kW
Guarantees Standard 5 year guarantee
Operating Pressure 2.8KPA
Gas Control Type Automated ODS (oxygen depletion system)
Standard Components Included Vermiculite Chips, White Pebble Stones
Finish Brushed S/Steel
Product Dimensions (overall) Length: 1150mm x Depth: 370mm x Height: 670mm
Opening / Cut-Out Length: 1100mm x Depth: 370mm x Height: 620mm
Gas consumption (maximum) 0.671Kg/h

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