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1500 Free-standing Patio Braai on Cabinet. Including 2.4m Flue Kit

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1500mm Patio Braai on cabinet with double wall for improved thermal insulation.
Including a flue kit.

1500 Free-standing Patio Braai on Cabinet. Including 2.4m Flue Kit

A large free-standing braai , 1500mm.
A Patio braai on a cabinet made with a double skin wall for improved thermal insulation and design.
Entertain your family and friends indoors or outdoors under your patio all year round.

New improved design with round flue pipe and smoke trap instead of the rectangular flue.

The braai rests on a double-door cabinet so you can neatly store your firewood and braai tools.
We pack the braai and the cabinet separately during transportation.
Both braai and cabinet are made of mild steel sprayed in heat-resistant etch black primer.

Consider this freestanding braai over our built-in braai which is easier and cheaper to install.
Similarly avoid unnecessary building costs such as brickwork, plastering, painting, or tiling associated with built-in braais.

Keep in mind that you still need to install the braai and chimney which usually goes through the patio roof.
We recommend you use a qualified installer for proper, safe installation. 


For the main body construction, we use a 2.5mm double skin wall made of mild steel with a cavity in between the two walls.
The cavity insulates the braai keeping the heat trapped inside the braai.
The double skin & tapered body design give the braai a refined look.
The bottom door drops down to form a working bench, supported by two L-shape clips (no chains used).

Flue kit

We have redesigned the flue pipe from a single-length 2400mm rectangular flue to a 2 x 1200mm round flue.
The round flue is more user-friendly to install, especially when additional 45-degree bends are required.
We also include a standard rotating cowl and cowl base.
Due to the exposed flue design, you may consider adding wall support brackets to firmly secure the flue pipe against the wall.
Such brackets are not included with your braai and are optional extras.


As with all mild steel braais, your Patio braai needs to be maintained regularly. Depending on the frequency of use, we recommend you give a touch-up paint annually.
Such paint is readily available at your nearest hardware shop.

Not suitable for outdoor use where it’s exposed to direct contact with the rain.
The body is made of mild steel and it will rust.  Only high-grade stainless steel can be used for such applications.

Inside Braai Size 1500mm
Grid Size Width : 720mm x Depth: 540mm / 380mm x 380mm
Fuel Type Wood, LPG, Charcoal
Standard Components Included Potjie hook, Stainless Steel grid, 220v Spot Light, Ash pan, Ash draw, Ember Maker
Flue Pipes and Cowl 2.4m flue pipe and fixed cyclone cowl
Flue Diameter 440mm
Gas Burner 2 Burner Gas Griller
Finish Black
Product Dimensions (overall) Width: 1585mm x Depth: 650mm x Height: 1990mm
Guarantees 5 Year guarantee applicable against heat damage.
Cabinet Dimensions (overall) Width: 1585mm x Depth: 615mm x Height: 855mm
Product Dimensions and Drawing Download File

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