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1050 Built in Fireplace

R9 020

1050mm Built-in Fireplace, single-sided traditional built-in wood fireplace to heat up areas of up to 110m².

Flue Pipes and Cowl are not included.

1050 Built-in Fireplace | Single-Sided

1050 Built-in fireplace – Traditional single-sided wood-burning fireplace made of double skin 3mm mild steel in matt black finish.
Efficient and economical heating solution for South Africa’s relatively short winter season.

This fireplace is a convection unit which means the fireplace draws cold air from the bottom and releases hot air at the top of the fireplace.
In addition, the unit also radiates heat from the hot fire as well as the heated metal surface of the firebox.

We recommend this 1050 built-in fireplace for either new or existing installations  – “1050” refers to the build-in opening size of the fireplace is 1050 mm.
Your wall opening should be 1065 mm to 1120 mm wide in order to fit this fireplace.  Please refer to our technical drawing with dimensions which can be downloaded below.

This fireplace takes a Ø300mm stackable chimney pipe that is 920mm in length.
Chimney pipes should be carried all the way to the rooftop even if they run inside a bricked-up chimney. This is to prevent thick soot from building up inside the walls and improve the draw.
A typical standard single-story house requires approximately 4 chimney pipes.  

NOTE:  Flue pipes and cowl are not included in the price.

This fireplace is also available in a double-sided version.


Optional Extras

  • Protective Fire screen @ R850.00
  • Galvanized steel flue pipe (1 x Ø300mm x 920mm) @ R614.00
  • Cyclone cowl (fixed cowl) plus cowl base: R1090.00


Fireplace Features & Technical Data

  • Top exit flue
  • Flue diameter: ∅300mm
  • Grate and Pan dimensions: Width 940mm | Height 210mm | Depth 370mm
  • Heating capacity (max): 110 m²
  • Adjustable damper

Fireplace dimension

  • Overall dimensions:  Width 1140 mm | Height 970 mm | Depth 440 mm
  • External frame dimension: Width 1140 mm | Height 770 mm


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