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Wood Pellets 15Kg Garden Route


Wood Pellet Bio-fuel 15Kg bag, Garden Route

Buy high-grade wood pellets directly from the factory, delivered door-to-door to all major towns along the garden route, including :

Bonnievale,  Swellendam, Riversdal, Albertinia, Stilbaai, Mosselbaai, George, Wilderness, Knysna, Sedgefield, Plettenbergbaai.


Wood Pellet 15Kg Garden Route

Wood pellets 15 kg bags delivered to Garden Route major towns door-to-door.
Packed in a clear, recycled 15 kg bag that is easy for handling.
Our wood pellets are green biofuel made of 100% compressed pine sawdust.

Highly efficient form of fuel, that is to say, they burn leaving little residue, and have high calorific value.
Commonly used in residential heating inside wood pellet fireplaces (see Lava Fires’ Gravity 8.5kW fireplace)
as well as in industrial applications such as boilers.

Pellets are 6mm in diameter and vary in length between 15 to 25mm.
Quoted price per bag is EX  SANDTON BRANCH.

List of towns covered

  • Bonnievale
  • Swellendam
  • Riversdal
  • Albertinia
  • Stilbaai Mosselbaai
  • George, Wilderness
  • Knysna
  • Sedgefield
  • Plettenbergbaai

Additional information

Because our bags are air-tight sealed, the pellets have a long shelf life.
Any leftover pellets from this winter season could be used in the next winter season.
Our pellets are also commonly used as cat litter.

Technical Data

  • Diameter : 6mm
  • Height : 15 to 25mm

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