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Insulated T-Piece ø130mm

R2 095

Insulated T-Piece 130mm

High grade stainless steel 304 , insulated T-Piece for insulated 130mm flue pipe.

Insulated T-Piece ø130mm

Insulated T-Piece 130mm – made of high grade 304 stainless steel.
Forms part of stainless steel flue kit for fireplace installations with external flue pipe.
Each T-piece is supplied with a drain plug. This is the end cap cover that fits at the bottom of the Tee.

Install this insulated T-piece with your external flue pipe installations.
In other words, you will fit the T-Piece at the bottom end of a straight line flue pipe in order to gain access to clean the flue.

The opposite end of the T-piece is closed off with a drain plug (included) which is used to drain dirt that is trapped at the bottom of the pipe.
The 90 degree bend of the T Piece joins the horizontal single wall flue pipe that joins the fireplace.


– Outside diameters : ø180mm | ø200mm | ø230mm
– Inside diameter : ø130mm | ø150mm | ø180mm

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