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CUBO 1200 Air (18kW) Freestanding

R52 757

Cubo 1200 Air – 18 kw | Free Standing | Pedestal – single-sided.

Cubo 1200 Air (18 kw) | Free Standing on Pedestal

A superior quality, single-sided, free-standing closed combustion stove, 18kW, suitable for medium to large sized rooms, mounted onto a pedestal & wood storage base (INCLUDED).
The body is made from fabricated mild steel in a black finish. The wide panoramic glass offers a full view of the fire.
Internal combustion chamber made of high-quality pre-cast refractory and Stainless Steel roof canopy.  This fireplace is fitted with a top exit chimney outlet.

Also available in a double-sided version.

*Price does not include chimney flue pipes and installation.

Designed and manufactured in RSA and carries a standard 5-year structural guarantee.

Alternative Mounting options:

The fireplace can also be mounted directly onto a concrete slab, tiles, floor plate, or any other solid surface (without a pedestal). Please see Cubo 700 Air Element.

Standard unit includes:

  • Panoramic black tinted ceramic glass
  • Precast refractory slabs all around
  • Stainless steel ceiling canopy
  • Primary & Secondary air intake levers
  • Square pedestal/wood storage
  • Protective heat-resistant glove
  • Operating manual


  • Dimension (Stove only): Width 1200mm | Depth 490mm | Height 625mm
  • Dimension (Pedestal): Width 1200mm | Depth 470mm | Height 630mm
  • Flue outlet (top) : Ø200mm
  • Energy output: 18.00 kW
  • Efficiency: 79%

Additional information……

The CUBO range is an energy efficient & clean burning fireplace, using both convection and radiation heating techniques to heat up your space.

Standard convection heating – cold air enters frontally at the bottom of the fireplace, and hot air flows out through the slots above the glass. The CUBO “Air” models include an additional features – dual fans controlled by an on-off switch to create “forced ventilation”, increasing the flow of hot air. The stove has two levers located at the front bottom of the unit, controlling the flow of air intake into the combustion chamber.

Radiation heat – Heat dissipated from inside the combustion chamber through the glass door


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